Cataracts are a common disease and the leading cause of blindness in the world. According to statistics, each year in Vietnam, up to 150,000 people suffer from this disease. So what is the cause of cataracts? What do patients need to do to completely treat cataracts? Please refer to the article below to find the answer.

Vision of a normal human eye (left) and an eye with cataracts (right)

What is cataracts?

Cataracts are common disease in the elderly due to the natural aging process of the eye, causing the elasticity of the lens to decrease, leading to proteins gathering in clusters, scattering light, blocking light from reaching the retina.

Some symptoms of cataracts include blurred vision, eye pain, headaches, glaucoma, seeing halos, sensitivity to light, double vision, triple vision, and decreased vision at night.

In addition to age, some other causes that can lead to cataracts include congenital cataracts, eye injuries, exposure to ionizing radiation, exposure to strong light intensity, and systemic diseases (urinary tract infections, diabetes, uveitis, retinal damage).

How to cure cataracts

Depending on the stage of the disease, the ophthalmologist will prescribe medication to slow down the process of cataracts or cataract surgery to replace the natural lens that has become cloudy. However, currently, there is only one method to completely treat cataracts - artificial lens replacement. There are 2 safe and popular methods of cataract surgery:

Phaco surgery

Phaco surgery is a traditional cataract surgery method that helps restore the patient's vision by crushing the cloudy lens with high-frequency ultrasound waves and sucking it out, then replacing it with artificial lens (unifocal or multifocal). Advantages of this method include small incisions of 2-3mm, quick and painless surgery in 15 minutes, stable vision, and reasonable cost.

With a history of more than 50 years of birth and development, Phaco is considered an effective and safe method of treating cataracts, having helped millions of patients worldwide restore vision. According to statistics in European countries, this is the leading solution in the field of cataract treatment.

Cataract Laser Surgery

Cataract Laser surgery is known as the most advanced method today, applying Femtosecond Laser technology to replace some manual operations and scalpels, helping patients better preserve corneal endothelial cells. The incision is more precise in terms of cut width and tear line, reduces the risk of post-operative infection, corrects astigmatism and reduces the risk of secondary astigmatism, providing good visual quality with fast recovery. 

Born and developed for more than 15 years, Laser Cataract is an improved cataract surgery method that is superior to the conventional Phaco method. Dr. Vu Anh Tuan - Medical Director at Japan International Eye Hospital, said that Phaco surgery can cause a lot of vibrations in the eyeball, affecting corneal endothelial cells and other organizations differs in the eye and depends largely on the skill level of the surgeon. Meanwhile, laser technology will assist in cutting the anterior capsule, cutting the hard core of the lens into small pieces and creating a more precise incision.

To better understand the condition and find a treatment method for yourself, make an appointment with an ophthalmologist at Japan International Eye Hospital right at:

Cost of cataract surgery

Currently, the cost of cataract surgery at Japan International Eye Hospital is as follows:

  • Price of monofocal Phaco method: 16 - 32 million VND for 1 eye.
  • Price of multifocal Phaco method: 28 - 52 million VND for 1 eye.
  • Price of monofocal Cataract Laser method: 38 - 54 million VND for 1 eye.
  • Price of multifocal Cataract Laser method: 50 - 74 million VND for 1 eye.

The above cataract surgery cost is a package cost, including protective glasses, post-operative medication and 4 months of free follow-up examinations.

Cataract surgery at Japan International Eye Hospital

Dr. Vu Anh Tuan - Professional Director at Japan International Eye Hospital performs cataract surgery

At Japan International Eye Hospital, patients will experience high quality medical services according to Japanese standards:

  • Leading surgeon: Doctor Vu Anh Tuan - Professional Director with nearly 30 years of experience in the field of ophthalmology, Lecturer at Hanoi Medical University, and surgical training instructor Phaco technician.
  • High-quality, diverse artificial lenses: Full range of high-quality multifocal and single-focal lenses carefully selected from manufacturers in Japan, France, America, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.
  • Japanese standard procedure: Examination and surgery according to Japanese standard procedure helps find identify points that can correct vision, thereby selecting a lens nucleus that best meets the patient's vision needs.
  • Comprehensive care service: With a personal nurse accompanying the patient from the time of arrival until the surgery is completed and leaving. Support for 4 months of free follow-up examinations, along with an electronic medical record system to help closely monitor your eyes.
  • Modern equipment: Japan International Eye Hospital is the first hospital in Southeast Asia to own the current leading laser lens replacement surgery system - Catalyst machine from Johnson & Johnson (USA).

Cataracts are not only a common disease but also the leading cause of blindness in Vietnam. The later the examination and treatment, the more the patient loses the opportunity to restore clear vision. See an ophthalmologist if you detect unusual signs to get the most timely and optimal vision protection solution.