Japan International Eye Hospital opens from Monday to Sunday:

  • In the morning: 7:00 – 12:00
  • In the afternoon: 13:00 – 19:00
  • Holidays: National Day (September 2), New Year (January 1) and Lunar New Year

You are recommended to register for your appointment at least 8 working hours before visiting us. We can arrange an appropriate schedule and ensure the best service for you.

You can make an appointment with us by either of the following ways:

1. Online

Via website: https://jieh.vn/make-an-appointment 

Via Fanpage: https://fb.com/book/JIEH32PDC/ (8:00 – 17:00 on Monday to Friday and 8:00 – 12:00 on Saturday)

2. Phone

Tel.: +84-24-3715-3666 (7:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 19:00)

Hotline: +84-90-224-2291 (8:00 – 17:00 on Monday to Friday and 8:00 – 12:00 on Saturday)

3. Directly at

Japan International Eye Hospital

Address: 32 Pho Duc Chinh, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

- Register your examination
- Automatic refractive measurement
- Eye pressure measurement
- Vision test
- In this step, our doctors will carry out examination, consult and indicate whether you need diagnostic imaging and additional tests.
- 2nd floor: strabismus measurement, 4-point test
- 3rd floor: OCT, ultrasound, visual field measurement, laser treatment, endothelial cell count
- 4th floor: corneal topography, blood tests, urine tests
- The doctors will provide diagnosis, advice and appoint treatment methods
- You pay your fee at the cashier counter


For state insurance:
The Japan International Eye Hospital is not currently affiliated with the State Health Insurance, in case you need to make payment with your state insurance, we will provide you with related documents and you can do the rest of the progress by yourself.
For private insurance:
We accept hospital service fee guarantees for patients with insurance from the following agencies:
Tokio Marine
Bao Viet Tokio Marine
Soft Bank HCP
Penta Ocean HCP
Kyocera HCP
Marubeni HCP
In order for the patients to fully rest, avoid the risk of infection during treatment and to help the patient recover soon, the Japan International Eye Hospital limits relatives’ visits during the patients’ treatment. We provide a comprehensive support service for all patients, and the family members should consider limiting their stay in the hospital if it’s not absolutely necessary.
Regulations on time to visit the inpatients at the Japan International Eye Hospital:
From Monday to Saturday
  • In the morning: 7:00 – 9:00
  • In the afternoon: 16:00 – 19:00
Sunday 7:00 – 19: 00
Visit procedure:
  1. Register at the front desk
  2. Move to patient’s room following instructions of the Hospital staff
  3. Go to the right department, patient’s room, not go to other departments or rooms
  4. Leave on time
General rules for visiting patients at the Japan International Eye Hospital
  1. No more than 02 visitors each time.
  2. In case of many visitors at the same time, each visit should be 30 minutes at maximum.
  3. After 21:00 daily, the hospital security guard will check the hospital rooms and request the visitors to leave (if any).
  4. In order to ensure medical hygiene, please do not bring animals or materials that can cause fire, explosion or harm into the hospital room.
  5. In order to ensure the treatment quality, visitors and patient’s family members should not make noise to avoid affecting other patients.
(In accordance with the Law No. 40/2009/QH12 Medical examination and treatment)
Article 7. Rights to medical examination and treatment with quality suitable to actual conditions
  1. To be given counseling and explanations about their health status, treatment methods and medical examination and treatment services suitable to their diseases.
  2. To receive treatment with safe, appropriate and effective methods according to professional and technical regulations.
Article 8. Rights to respect for privacy
  1. To have their health status and private information given in their case history dossiers kept confidential.
  2. The information referred to in Clause 1 of this Article may be disclosed only when so agreed by patients or for exchange of information and experience between practitioners directly treating the patients to improve the quality of diagnosis, care and treatment of patients or in other cases provided by law.
Article 9. Rights to respect for honor and protection of health in medical examination and treatment
  1. To be subject to no discrimination in medical examination and treatment or forced medical examination and treatment, except the cases specified in Clause 1, Article 66 of this Law.
  2. To be respected in terms of age, gender, ethnics and belief.
  3. To be subject to no discrimination based on their financial and social status.
Article 10. Rights to choice in medical examination and treatment
  1. To be fully provided with information, explanations and counseling about their disease status, results and possible risks to choose diagnosis and treatment methods.
  2. To accept or refuse to participate in bio­medical research in medical examination and treatment.
  3. To nominate representatives to perform and protect their rights and obligations in medical examination and treatment.
Article 11. Rights to obtainment of information on case history dossiers and medical examination and treatment expenses
  1. To receive brief information on their case history dossiers when so requested in writing, unless otherwise provided by law.
  1. To be provided with information on charges for medical examination and treatment services and detailed explanations about expenses indicated in invoices for medical examination and treatment services.
Article 12. Rights to refusal of medical treatment and discharge from medical examination and treatment establishments
  1. To refuse testing, use of drugs and application of treatment techniques or methods, but to make written commitment on personal responsibility for such refusal, except the cases specified in Clause 1. Article 66 of this Law.
  2. To leave medical examination and treatment establishments when treatment is not completed, but to make written commitment to take personal responsibility for such leaving, which is contrary to practitioners’ instruction, except the cases specified in Clause 1. Article 66 of this Law.
Article 13. Rights of patients losing civil act capacity, or without civil act capacity or with restricted civil act capacity, or being juveniles aged between full 6 years and under full 18 years
  1. Lawful representatives of patients losing civil act capacity, or without civil act capacity or with restricted civil act capacity, or being juveniles aged between full 6 years and under full 18 years may decide on medical examination and treatment for the patients.
  2. In cases of emergency, to protect the life and health of a patient, the head of a medical examination and treatment establishment may decide on medical examination and treatment for the patient when his/her lawful representative is absent.
Article 14. To respect practitioners
To respect and commit no act of harming the honor, dignity, health and life of practitioners and other health workers.
Article 15. To observe regulations on medical examination and treatment
1 To truthfully provide information related to their health status and fully cooperate with practitioners and medical examination and treatment establishments.
  1. To follow practitioners' instructions on diagnosis and treatment, except the cases specified in Article 12 of this Law.
  2. To observe and request their relatives to observe rules of medical examination and treatment establishments and the law on medical examination and treatment.
Article 16. To pay medical examination and treatment expenses
To pay medical examination and treatment expenses, except cases of exemption or reduction under law. For insured patients, payment of medical examination and treatment expenses complies with the law on health insurance.
I. General Principles

1. This Privacy Policy describes how HATTORI AND DREAM PARTNERS CO., LTD ( Japan International Eye Hospital) (“JIEH”) collects, receives, compiles, stores, uses, processes, discloses, shares and keeps confidential the Customer Information of relevant organizations and individuals (“Customer” or “you”), including customers, agents, suppliers, contractors and partners who: 

(a) Use services provided directly at medical facilities of JIEH or other services provided by JIEH
(b) Access and use customer interaction channels owned by JIEH, including but not limited to https://jieh.vn website, other websites and groups on social networks (such as Facebook, etc.) (“JIEH Channel”) (“together, “Services”).

2. “Customer Information” means any information, data that can be used to identify the Customer or upon which the Customer is identified, such as name, nationality, telephone number, payment card and bank details, personal preferences, email address, location, photo, ID card/citizen identity card, date of birth, marital status, insurance information, transactional information, access history, customer journey, health/medical records, biometric data.

3. Privacy Policy. JIEH  will post the amended, supplemented and/or updated Privacy Policy on https://jieh.vn/ website. The Customer’s continued use, access to any JIEH Channel, continued use of the Services constitutes the Customer’s consent to the content of that amended, supplemented, and/or updated Privacy Policy. 

4. Privacy Policy is made trilingual in Vietnamese,  English, and Japanese, in the event of any discrepancy between the three languages, the Vietnamese version shall prevail. 

5. Privacy Policy includes the following contents:

5.1. Customer Information We Collect

5.2. How We Secure Customer Information

5.3. How We Use Customer Information

5.4. How We Share Customer Information

5.5. Access and Choice

5.6.Contacts, Notices, and Revisions

II. Customer Information We Collect

 We collect your personal information in the course of providing Services to you

Here are the types of information we gather:

1.Information You Give Us:

a) We collect any information you provide in relation to Services during the course of (i) subscribe to receive information from JIEH, JIEH’s groups' participation, interaction with JIEH channel; (ii) participation in seminars, customer events, contests, games, surveys or other events organized by JIEH.

b) The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the information provided by the Customer is complete, accurate, and up-to-date to ensure the interests of the Customer in accordance with the use of the corresponding service. JIEH will not be held responsible in case the Customer provides inaccurate or incomplete information pursuant to the relevant terms of Services.

c) For Customers under the age of 18, please ensure to obtain full consent and approval of your parent or legal representative to provide the Customer Information to JIEH, who shall be bound by this Privacy Policy and are responsible for the behavior of the Customers. JIEH reserves the right to refuse the Customers’ access to the JIEH Channel or provide related Services if there is evidence that the Customers whose age is under 18 have not obtained the above consent and approval from his/her parent or legal representative.

d) In the event that the Customer provides the information of a third party, the Customer represents and warrants that the Customer has fully obtained such third party’s consent and approval for the Customer to provide information to JIEH and for JIEH to use such information, which will be subject to the terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy. JIEH shall not be liable to such a third party in the event of the Customer failing to provide information with such third party’s consent and approval. In such case, the Customer shall solely be liable for any consequences arising from his/her violation including but not limited to settling, at his/her own cost, any claim or action made by such third party against the Customer and/or JIEH and indemnifying JIEH for any amount made by JIEH, if any, to such third party in relation to such claim or action.

2. Automatic Information: We automatically collect certain types of information when you interact with Services.

JIEH reserves the right to collect information, data related to the activities performed by the Customer within the Services, including but not limited to information, data about service and good providers for the Customer, information of transactions performed by the Customer (type of goods, service, location, time of transaction), payment method (excluding important data of payment cards which includes detailed card number, CVV number and other verification numbers with the same legal validity), device information (such as IP address, operating system, browser type, hardware specifications, UDIDs, MEIDs, location, address of referring website (if any), pages visited by the Customer from JIEH Channel and mobile applications, number of visits, responses, file’s name, versions, and advertising identities and other relevant information (if any)).

3. Collection and use of cookies

a) We use cookies, pixels, and other similar technologies (collectively, “cookies”) to recognize your browser or device, learn more about your interests, provide you with essential features and services, and for other additional purposes, including:

b) Recognizing you when you sign in to use Services. This allows us to provide you with recommendations, display personalized content, and provide other customized features and services.

c) Keeping track of your specific preferences. This allows us to honor your likes and dislikes, such as your language and configuration preferences.

d) Conducting research and analysis to improve Services.

e) Preventing fraudulent activity.

f) Improving security.

g) Delivering content, including ads, relevant to your interests on our sites and third-party sites.

h) Measure and analyze the performance of Services.

i) Cookies allow you to take advantage of some of our essential features. For instance, if you block or otherwise reject our cookies, you might not be able to use certain offerings that require you to sign in, or you might have to manually adjust some preferences or language settings every time you visit our sites.

j) Approved third parties may also set cookies when you interact with Services. Third parties usually include search engines, providers of measurement and analytics services, social media networks, and advertising companies. Third parties use cookies in the process of delivering content, including ads relevant to your interests, to measure the effectiveness of their ads, and to perform services on our behalf.

k) You can manage browser cookies through your browser settings. The 'Help' feature on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, how to disable cookies, and when cookies will expire. If you disable all cookies on your browser, neither we nor third parties will transfer cookies to your browser. If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some features and services may not work.

4. Information from Other Sources: We might collect information about you from other sources, including service providers, partners, and publicly available sources.

III. How We Secure Customer Information

 1. At JIEH, security is our highest priority. We design our systems with your security and privacy in mind. All Customer Information is stored and kept confidential by JIEH’s system or service provider for JIEH in accordance with the law and this JIEH Privacy Policy.

2. When collecting data, JIEH will exert its best endeavors to the permitted extent to store and secure Customer Information at a server system, and this information is secured by firewalls, access control measures, and data encryption. We employ appropriate technical and security measures to prevent as much as possible to the permitted extent unauthorized access and use of Customer Information. JIEH also regularly cooperates with security experts to be updated with the latest information on network security to ensure the safety of Customer Information.

3. The information of your payment card issued by the relevant financial institution is protected by us in accordance with international standards on the principle that no important data of the payment card (card numbers, full names, CVV number, or other verification numbers with the same legal) is recorded in our system. Your payment transaction is made by the relevant bank system.

4. The Customer may not use any tools, programs, or methods to illegally interfere with the system or alter the data structure of any Services, nor carry out any other activities to spread, promote activities with the purpose of intervening, sabotaging, or infiltrating the JIEH system’s data, as well as activities violating Vietnamese laws. In case we detect a violation, we reserve the right to transfer information about the violation to the competent authorities in accordance with the laws.

5. You are responsible for protecting your account information and shall not provide any information related to your account, password, or authentication methods (eg., OTP) accessed on websites, applications, software, and other tools (if any).

6. We store Customer Information to ensure that you are able to use the Services continuously and store it for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose, or as otherwise required by law (including for tax and accounting purposes), or to perform other work as notified to you in advance. The period we store specific Customer Information varies depending on the Purpose or as required by laws. When the Customer Information is no longer needed for the provision of the Services or Purpose or JIEH no longer has a business or legal purpose to retain Customer Information, we will take steps to prevent the access to or use of Customer Information for any purpose other than to comply with this Privacy Policy, or for the security, confidentiality, fraud detection, and prevention purposes; or removing identifiable information of Customer Information in accordance with applicable laws.

7. Customer Information may be stored in, accessed from, or transmitted to many countries, including Vietnam. When we transfer your Customer Information to other countries, we will ensure that such information is transferred in accordance with this Privacy Policy and is permitted under the relevant laws and regulations.

IV. How We Use Personal Information

We use your personal information to operate, provide, and improve Services for the purposes (“Purposes”) include:

1.Provide Services: We use your Customer Information

a) to provide Services and process transactions related to Services, including registrations, subscriptions, and payments;

b) to recommend Services that might be of interest to you, identify your preferences, and personalize your experience with Services;

c) to perform internal operations necessary to provide services, including troubleshooting software failures and operational issues, conducting data analysis, testing and diagnosis, monitoring and analyzing the usage trends and activities;

d)to protect the security or integrity of the Service and any facilities or equipment used to provide the Services;

e) to confirm transactions and process payments;

f) to create, administer and update the Customer’s accounts, verify the Customer’s identity;

g) To enable interactions between Customers and JIEH or between Customers and associated partners (if any); 

2. Measure, Support, and Improve Services: We use your Customer Information to measure the use of, analyze the performance of, fix errors in, provide support for, improve, and develop Services.

3. Comply with Legal Obligations: We have a legal obligation to collect, use or store your Customer Information in certain circumstances, including when required, when consulted, recommended or required by legal advisors or any legal provisions, bylaws, documents, or requests of the government or local or foreign authorities, at the request of competent authorities, including without limitation to the obligation to disclose information and reports in accordance with the law on sales promotion, record keeping, audit, investigation and settlement of complaints or disputes, and compliance with a court order or legal requirements, documents or requests of the government or other regulations; enforcing other agreements; and protect our rights or property in the event of a complaint or dispute.

4. Communicate with You: We use your Customer Information to communicate with you in relation to Services via different channels (e.g., email, phone call) and to respond to your requests.

5. Marketing: We use your Customer Information to market and promote Services. We might display interest-based ads for Services.

6. Fraud and Abuse Prevention and Credit and Property Risks: We use your Customer Information to prevent and detect fraud and abuse in order to protect the security of our customers, us, and others. We may also use scoring methods to assess and manage credit and property risks.

7. Purposes for Which We Seek Your Consent: We may also ask for your consent to use your Customer Information for a specific purpose that we communicate to you.

 V. How We Share Customer Information

Information about our customers is an important part of our operation and we are not in the business of selling our customers’ Customer Information to others. We share Customer Information only as described below and as permitted by law. All of the third parties who receive Customer Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy are subject to this Privacy Policy, other similar policies and other relevant laws.

1. Complying at the request of the competent state authority, or as required by laws;

2. Transactions Involving Third Parties: We make available to you services, software, and content provided by third parties for use on or through Services. You can tell when a third party is involved in your transactions, and we share information related to those transactions with that third party.

3. Third-Party Service Providers: We employ and/or cooperate with other companies and individuals to perform certain functions on our behalf. Examples include: sending communications, processing payments, assessing credit and compliance risks, analyzing data, providing marketing and sales assistance (including advertising and event management), conducting customer relationship management, and providing training. These third-party service providers have access to Customer Information needed to perform their functions but may not use it for other purposes. Further, they must adhere to this Privacy Policy and the applicable data protection law.

4. Restructuring, Business Transfers: As we continue to develop our business, we might restructure, sell or buy businesses or services in accordance with the laws. In such transactions, Customer Information, database, and right to use information generally are amongst the transferred business assets but the transferee remains subject to the Privacy Policy (or the individual consents otherwise). Also, in the event that JIEH or substantially all of its assets are acquired, your information will be one of the transferred assets.

5. Protection of Us and Others: We release accounts and other Customer Information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce or apply our terms and other agreements, or protect the rights, property, or security of us, our customers, or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for fraud prevention and detection and credit risk reduction.

6. At Your Option: Other than as set out above, you will receive notice when Customer Information about you might be shared with third parties, and your choice on sharing the information.

7. Sharing Without Your Consent: As per prevailing laws, your Customer Information as part of your medical information, subject to permission by the head of the medical examination and treatment facility, might be shared among practitioners of a group directly providing treatment to patients for quality improvement of diagnosis, care and treatment of patients; or to certain persons including apprentices, researchers, practitioners in the medical facility who are allowed to borrow the medical records for reading on-site or copying for research or technical and professional matters; or as required by Vietnamese competent authorities.

VI. Access and Choice

Unless otherwise provided by laws, you can view, update, and delete certain information about your account and your interactions with Services. If you cannot access or update your information yourself, you can always contact us for assistance.
You have choices about the collection and use of your Customer Information. Many Services include settings that provide you with options as to how your information is being used. You can choose not to provide certain information, but then you might not be able to take advantage of some of the Services

(a) Contact: If you are no longer want to receive our marketing email, kindly unsubscribe or adjust your contact options, please feel free to email us at info@jieh.vn or cskh@jieh.vn and follow JIEH guidance 

 (b) Advertising: If you are no longer want to see interest-based ads, please email us at info@jieh.vn or cskh@jieh.vn and follow JIEH guidance 

(c) Browser and devices: The 'Help' feature on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, how to disable cookies, and when cookies will expire.

 VII. Contacts, Notices, and Revisions

Our business changes constantly, and our Privacy Policy may also change. You should check our website frequently to see recent changes. Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all Customer Information we have about you and your account.

If you have any concern about privacy at JIEH or want to contact one of our data controllers, please contact us and we will try to resolve it. You may also contact us at the address below: info@jieh.vn or cskh@jieh.vn