Other Examination and Treatment Packages at Japan International Eye Hospital
Taking regular eye exams is an effective solution for early detection of eye diseases and prompt treatment indications, avoiding the risk of their serious progression and negative effects on eyesight. Other examination and treatment packages at the Japan International Eye Hospital are designed for each group of patients with different pathological risks. Depending on age, symptoms and risk of disease, the patients will be consulted about appropriate examination and treatment packages. 
List of services
Vision test and general eye check-up
Our “Vision test and general eye check-up” covers vision test steps and consultation by our ophthalmologists. Depending on symptoms and condition of your eye(s), our doctor may request you to take additional steps for accurate evaluation and optimal treatment indications.
Student refractive errors
Our examination of refractive errors for pupils is available for those of 6 – 17 years old in order to evaluate their vision condition, risk and degree of refractive errors. This package covers the Japanese standard vision test steps following procedure using modern equipment and machines as well as consultation from our ophthalmologists.
Intensive examination before myopia surgery
This package is for patients who wish to have a surgery to treat their refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism) to evaluate their vision condition, eye structural features and suitability for surgical methods as well as post-operative prognosis. The patients will undergo a 6-step examination and get direct consultation by our ophthalmologists.
Cataract screening
Cataract is the leading cause of blindness, but it can be treated if detected and dealt with promptly. The cataract screening package at our Japan International Eye Hospital helps define the risk of cataract or its conditions, progression in the patient’s eye(s), which then serve as basis for appropriate treatment orientation.
Retinal degeneration screening
Retinal degeneration, tear - detachment are the common retinal diseases. Those diseases may appear without any symptoms or have unclear symptoms at first, but it develops very quickly and can cause complete loss of vision. To detect them early and evaluate them properly, regular eye examination are not enough. Our retinal degeneration screening package will help you detect and grasp the golden period for treatment.
Ortho-K lenses
Ortho K hard overnight contact lenses are an effective solution to help control the myopia progression of children’s eyes, and help them temporarily release their eyes from their glasses during playing and learning activities during daytime. Our Ortho K lenses counseling and treatment package covers test steps to evaluate your eye fitness, optimal lens specifications and types, and instruction on how to use the Ortho K lenses by our ophthalmologist.
Glaucoma screening
Glaucoma are a group of pathologies that have a common characteristics of nerve damage and loss of visual field. The disease often has a no-symptom onset, causes damages to the eyes, and if not detected and treated promptly, can lead to blindness. The Glaucoma examination package at our Japan International Eye Hospital with comprehensive and intensive examination steps will help the patients screen the disease risk and get prompt treatment orientations.
  • 01. Vision test and general eye check-up
  • 02. Student refractive errors
  • 03. Intensive examination before myopia surgery
  • 04. Cataract screening
  • 05. Retinal degeneration screening
  • 06. Ortho-K lenses
  • 07. Glaucoma screening

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