ReLEx® SMILE (Refractive Lenticule Extraction, Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) has the surgical mechanism as its name implies – “extracting a thin lenticular-shape layer through a small incision”. Accordingly, ReLEx SMILE uses Laser Femtosecond to separate the cornea into 3 layers, automatically separate the middle tissue layer; through a very small incision (2mm) in the corneal edge, extract the separated tissue core out. This is the most advanced Laser-based refractive surgery technology today. 


Its small incision of about 2mm only minimizes impact on the corneal nerve glands, minimizing impact on sensitivity of the cornea and tear film, avoiding dry eyes after surgery.
This surgery is operated based on laser completely with not flap and small incision minimizes the risk of infection and side effects which are common after traditional Lasik surgery such as eye strain, dry eye, halos, etc.
The surgical operations are gentle thanks to modern laser technology. There is almost no pain in the eye as topical anesthetic eye drops are applied before and during the surgery. 
23s laser for each eye, duration of each surgery is only about 15 minutes, and you can work normally after 24 hours. 
Am I suited for Relex Smile surgery?
Here are the conditions to take a ReLex SMILE surgery:
  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Having stable refractive index (no increase of more than 0.75 diopters in the last 6 months)
  • Having no corneal structural abnormalities (pyramidal cornea)
  • Having appropriate corneal thickness which should not be too thin.
  • Having no diseases related to retina, lens, glaucoma.
  • Having no inflammatory eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, intraocular inflammation, and uveitis.




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4. How does the surgery work ?
Your eyes will be sanitized and then applied with topical anesthetic drops before the surgery. The surgery duration is around 15 minutes.
1. Using Femtosecond Laser energy to illuminate through the corneal surface, separating the middle core.
2. Make a small incision on the corneal edge
3. Extract the separated tissue core through the small incision
What Should I Do Before My Relex Smile Surgery 
  1. DO NOT contact lenses before examination and surgery: at least 1 month for Orthor K overnight contact lenses, 2 weeks for soft and daily contact lenses. 
  2. DO NOT makeup and use cosmetics, keep your eyes and face clean on the day of surgery.
  3. DO NOT wear tight pullovers or shirts made of fur
  4. EAT AND DRINK normally, do not use alcohol or stimulants on the day of surgery. Continue using your prescription drugs
  5. GET enough sleep and stay comfortable
  6. DO NOT drive by yourself on the day of surgery 
Japan International Eye Hospital
Update High Technology In Refractive Error Treatment
Japan International Eye Hospital <br> Update High Technology In Refractive Error Treatment
Visumax Surgery System
The Japan International Eye Hospital has been equipped with Visumax since early days of our establishment and replaced it with a new one in 2020 in order to ensure our treatment technologies and equipment are always upgraded and updated. This is the most advanced device in Femtosecond Laser technology with flexible frequency conversion, allowing for short-time processing, intelligent laser system, automatically following the eye movements to ensure safety and accuracy. 
Our teams who have been well trained, both domestically and internationally, and have many years of experience in refractive error examination and treatment is the key factor to ensure a maximum surgery quality.
Our surgical package includes pre-surgery examination and operation fee for both eyes. We offer free eye protection glasses, post-surgery medications (a prescribed dose using in 2 weeks) and one year of unlimited follow-up visits after surgery to help you optimize your costs.
Our strict 6-step pre-surgery examination process with support of our modern equipment system helps accurately assess eye conditions and provide optimal treatment indications.
We provide a comprehensive care service, assisting you throughout your examination and surgery, so you can feel assured to carry out examination and surgery with us, even when you are here alone.
Frequently Asked Questions
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