Laser Cataract Surgery
LASER CATARACT is the most modern surgical treatment for cataracts today by fragmentizing and removing the cloudy lens, and then replacing it with an artificial lens that fits your eye. In this procedure, a number of manual operations by the surgeon such as creating an incision, creating a tearing path for the lens in the front membrane and fragmentizing the cloudy lens shall be performed by Femtosecond Laser, bringing many outstanding advantages in terms of accuracy, safety, and quick recovery.


Replacement of various operations done manually or using the blade by the Femtosecond Laser makes the surgery easier and faster.
Support of the Femtosecond laser technique helps to reduce 50% of the ultrasonic energy used to fragmentize the cloudy lens on average, minimizing impact on the incision and visual quality. 
The incision created using a laser follows the physiological curve of the eye, is more precise, closed and does not cause secondary astigmatism. The lens membrane is torn using a laser to keep the incision curved and balanced. As a result, the artificial lens placed in it will focus well and become more stable for a longer time. 
The closed incision seals faster after surgery, reducing the risk of infection. It is possible to correct your astigmatism during laser cataract surgery without the need of another refractive correction surgery. 
Am I Suited For A Laser Cataract Surgery?
Here are the conditions that you should meet to have a Laser Cataract surgery
  • You have cataract
  • Your eye pressure is within the acceptable range
  • You have no inflammatory diseases such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, intraocular inflammation, uveitis, etc.
  • You have glycemic index below 10 (fasting) in case of diabetes
  • You have no recorded cardiovascular or blood pressure diseases


Cataract screening package 
Our Cataract Screening Package provides examinations and general tests to assess your eye conditions, risk, and level of cataracts, then propose timely treatment solutions accordingly.
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How Does The Laser Cataract Surgery Work?
Your eyes will be satirized and applied with topical anesthetic eye drops before the surgery. The surgery duration is around 30 minutes only.
Create an incision on the cornea The incision length and depth are calculated and programed by computer and the cut will be performed by the Femtosecond Laser following the calculation.
Tear the membrane in front of the lens The Femtosecond laser will create a high-precision, concentric tear path for the lens membrane.
Fragmentize the lens The Femtosecond laser will fragmentize the cloudy lens into small pieces.
Remove the cloudy lens The fragmentized cloudy lens will be removed using the PHACO system
Insert the artificial lens and attach it An artificial lens which fits your eye will be inserted to replace the removed one.
What Should I Do Before My Laser Cataract Surgery?
  1. EAT breakfast normally on the day of surgery (except for those with diabetes).
  2. DO NOT use alcohol or stimulants before the surgery.
  3. CONTINUE using your prescription drugs if any.
  4. DO NOT make up and use cosmetics, keep your eyes and face clean on the day of surgery
  5. DO NOT wear tight pullovers or shirts made of fur. Do not wear items such as jewelry, watches or hairpins into the operating room.
  6. GET enough sleep and stay comfortable before the day of surgery
  7. DO NOT drive by yourself on the day of surgery
Japan International Eye Hospital - Leading In Laser Cataract Surgery
Japan International Eye Hospital - Leading In Laser Cataract Surgery
Japan International Eye Hospital is the first in Vietnam to own Johnson & Johnson’s Catalys system - USA - the leading equipment of Femtosecond Laser technology in cataract surgery, accompanied by Alcon’s Constellation system – USA equipped with Ozill technology is safe for fragmentizing the cloudy lens, maintaining the anterior chamber and completely protecting the endothelium and lens membrane.
Our teams who have been well trained, both domestically and internationally, and have many years of experience in cataract examination and treatment is the key factor to ensure a maximum surgery quality.
Our strict and thorough pre-operative examination process following the Japanese standards enables us to find out the fixable points on your vision, thereby helping us give the best advice and choose the suitable lens which best satisfies your vision needs.
We provide a comprehensive care service, assisting you throughout your examination and surgery, so you can feel assured to carry out examination and surgery with us, even when you are here alone.
We use high-quality drugs and solutions imported from abroad such as IVISC mucus (Carl Zeiss - Germany), Duo VISC (Alcon - USA) for maximum endothelial protection; BSS infusion fluid (Alcon - USA) with composition similar to physiological fluids of the body, containing no preservatives, etc.
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