Hospital services
At Japan International Eye Hospital, we specialize in providing patients with safe, effective examination, surgical procedures and eyes treatment using cutting-edge techniques and advanced technology. Our examination and treatment packages are well designed for each group of patients with different pathological risks. Depending on age, symptoms and risk factors, patients will be recommended with suitable examination and treatment packages.
Refractive Surgery 
Surgery to correct refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism) include laser correction and phakic lens implant.
Cataract Surgery
Cataract surgery include: Phaco - the most common and traditional technique, and Laser Cataract - an advanced type of cataract surgery.
Retinopathy Treatment
Depending on the specific problems, the patient will be diagnosed and provided prompt, effective retina treatment.
Ophthalmic plastic and medium surgeries
Japan International Eye Hospital performs plastic and reconstructive surgery that enhance your eyes, reduce the signs of aging, and improve vision. 
Other examination and treatment packages
Other examination and treatment packages at Japan International Eye Hospital is designed to suit ages, situations and the needs of patients 
Leading in advance technology and treatment 
Japan International Eye Hospital always updates the latest surgical technologies for the best treatment performance.
With the goal of improving quality of medical examination and treatment, delivering the best treatment effects to our patients, our ophthalmologists get regular updates of new technologies and treatments in ophthalmology through training courses, domestic and international seminars.
The Japan International Eye Hospital applies a strict and thorough examination and surgery process according to the Japanese standards. 
The Japan International Eye Hospital was built to meet the standards of a high-quality international hospital with a system of advanced equipment, on a par with the top ophthalmic hospitals in the world. 
Conscientious care
With the slogan of “For our patients and their future”, every of our ophthalmologists and nurses has the same mindset: We are not only doctors but also friends of patients for sincere sharing; we are the patients’ relatives to take care of them carefully and conscientiously.