Who Are Suited For Lbv Presbyond Surgery?
  • Those with presbyopia
  • Those who find it inconvenient to wear glasses
  • Those meeting the following conditions of surgery:
  • Sufficient corneal thickness, corresponding to the refractive index to be corrected
  • Normal eye pressure
  • No inflammatory diseases such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, intraocular inflammation, uveitis, etc.
  • A glycemic index below 10 (when starving) in the case of diabetics
  • No recorded cardiovascular diseases or blood pressure
Advantages of Lbv Presbyond Technology
  • LBV technology helps patients clearly see nearby, intermediate or distant objects without any assistance.
  • Applying the depth-of-vision-field technology improves vision flexibility.
  • Treatment of presbyopia accompanied by refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism in a single surgery only
  • The surgery is quick, gentle, and painless.
  • Quick recovery, the patient can work normally after 24 hours.
What Should I Do Before My Surgery?
  • Eat normally on the day of surgery (except for those with diabetes).
  • Do not use alcohol or stimulants before the surgery.
  • Continue using your prescription drugs if any.
  • Do not makeup and use cosmetics, keep your eyes and face clean on the day of surgery.
  • Do not wear tight pullovers or shirts made of fur. Do not wear items such as jewelry, watches, or hairpins into the operating room.
  • Get enough sleep and stay comfortable before the day of surgery
  • Do not drive by yourself on the day of surgery
How Does The Surgery Work?

The surgery duration is around 15 minutes for both eyes and goes through the following steps:
Step 1: Sanitize your eyes and apply topical anesthetic eye drops
Step 2: Create a corneal flap
SBK Presbyond: use Moria SBK microkeratome blade
Femtosecond Presbyond: apply one femtosecond laser generated by Visumax
Step 3: Turn over the corneal flap with surgical instruments
Step 4: Apply multi-point Excimer laser generated by Mel 90 to evaporate the corneal cells
Step 5: Return the corneal flap to its original location
Step 6: Clean and complete the surgery

Why Presbyopia Surgery at Japan International Eye Hospital


Our teams who have been well trained, both domestically and internationally, and have many years of experience in refractive error examination and treatment is the key factor to ensure a maximum surgery quality.

Advanced surgical equipment
The new generation Visumax and Mel 90 branded CarlZeiss (Germany) used in Presbyond surgery have outstanding advantages such as fast laser frequency, allowing quick creation of incision on the corneal edge. The laser rays follow the natural curvature of the cornea, matching each individual.

*Note: The surgery performances may vary depending on the physical conditions/ natural disposition of each person. You should get examination and advice as well as direct instructions by your doctor before making a decision for any surgery or procedure.