Having been attached to glasses for more than 20 years, Ninh Tito (Food Blogger in Vietnam) wants to have myopia surgery to eliminate inconveniences in life and freely experience diverse cuisines around the world. However, with a high level of refractive (7 degrees of nearsightedness with 2 degrees of astigmatism), a thin cornea, and not being able to meet the depth of the anterior chamber for the Phakic method, Ninh encountered many difficulties when choosing the right method. After being examined at the Japan International Eye Hospital in July 2023, Ninh received advice from Dr. Vu Anh Tuan and decided to choose combined ReLEx SMILE surgery and Crosslinking produre. 


Ninh Tito (Food Blogger) performs ReLEx SMILE surgery and Crosslinking procedure at Japan International Eye Hospital

What is ReLEx SMILE surgery and Crosslinking procedure?

ReLEx SMILE surgery is the most advanced laser treatment solution for refractive errors today, with the mechanism of using a Femtosecond Laser to separate the cornea into 3 layers, automatically separating and coreing the tissue in the middle to eliminate nearsightedness. - disturbance in the patient's eyes.

Crosslinking procedure is a method of using Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and UVA rays to stabilize the corneal structure, helping to increase the stability of visual quality after laser refractive surgery.

Simulate the Lasik surgery process combined with the Crosslinking procedure

Benefits of combining ReLEx SMILE surgery with Crosslinking procedure

ReLEx SMILE surgery brings outstanding benefits to patients such as using underground cutting technology to save corneal tissue, minimizing post-operative side effects, and virtually no pain or downtime. Surgery and recovery are quick, minimally invasive to the corneal surface, minimizing the risk of dry eyes. That is why the ReLEx SMILE method is trusted and chosen by many patients around the world. After nearly 17 years of validation, ReLEx SMILE surgery has been successfully performed on more than 5 million eyes.

For patients with relatively high levels of nearsightedness and corneal thickness just enough to perform ReLEx SMILE surgery, the Crosslinking procedure helps patients feel secure in removing nearsightedness thanks to the mechanism of increasing the biomechanical stiffness of the cornea. cornea, thereby increasing the long-term stability of visual quality after surgery, preventing the risk of corneal dilatation and future re-myopia.


The Crosslinking procedure combined with ReLEx SMILE surgery helps increase stability about the patient's visual quality

“The surgery does not cause any pain and takes place quickly in about 20 minutes. Just 1 day after surgery, Ninh regained 10/10 vision in both eyes. At follow-up examination 1 month after surgery, Ninh's vision became clearer and more stable. The great thing is that I can eat and drink hot food comfortably, freely dive into the deep sea and wear all kinds of fashionable glasses. Ninh is completely satisfied with his decision to have surgery." - Ninh Tito shared.

Conditions for performing ReLEx SMILE surgery combined with Crosslinking procedure

The Crosslinking procedure is indicated in combination with ReLEx SMILE surgery when the patient's eyes meet the following conditions:

  • Qualified to perform laser refractive surgery: 18 years old or older, nearsightedness is stable, corneal thickness is guaranteed.
  • Corneal thickness less than 500 μm, high myopia, remaining basal corneal thickness after surgery less than 300 μm.
  • No corneal diseases (herpes keratitis, history of corneal herpes, history of corneal transplant, corneal scars, corneal opacities).
  • Do not have other eye diseases such as glaucoma, retinal degeneration or severe dry eyes.
  • Not during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • No problems with autoimmune disorders or recurrent epithelial disorders.
  • There was no history of poor epithelial wound healing.
  • Not allergic to Riboflavin or UVA rays.

To check the above conditions, register for a free eye examination before refractive surgery at Japan International Eye Hospital (every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday):

Invested and managed by Paris Miki Holdings Group (Japan), Japan International Eye Hospital is one of the few ophthalmology hospitals in Vietnam that performs the Crosslinking procedure, with a strict medical examination and treatment process. Strictly following Japanese medical standards and a team of highly skilled doctors. In operation since 2014, Japan International Eye Hospital is a trusted address with more than 250,000 examinations and more than 30,000 successful surgeries.