Wearing glasses from first grade until age 25, Dieu Linh's (Hanoi) nearsightedness is quite severe and can only be treated with the Phakic method. In 2021, Dieu Linh decisively chose Japan International Eye Hospital - the leading unit in the number of Phakic surgeries in Vietnam to perform nearsightedness removal and is still very satisfied with her eyesight until now.

Dieu Linh prepares to undergo Phakic surgery at Japan International Eye Hospital

Examination process before myopia surgery

Initially, Dieu Linh prioritized the ReLEx SMILE method and fully prepared for the cost of surgery. However, only when she visited the hospital did Dieu Linh learn that her eye condition could not be operated on by SMILE due to high nearsightedness and thin cornea. Instead, she could only perform the Phakic method. After researching many hospitals, she decided to trust and choose Japan International Eye Hospital because she was impressed with the thoroughness in medical services.

Phakic surgery is a surgical method to treat refractive errors (near-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism) by using highly safe lenses designed specifically according to the parameters of each eye, placed directly behind the iris. eye and anterior lens. The method is suitable for people with high myopia and thin corneas, providing high quality images (full HD) without eroding or changing the corneal structure.

Experience Phakic surgery at Japan International Eye Hospital

After making a deposit and waiting for the glasses to arrive for about 20 days, Dieu Linh had a smooth near-sighted surgery experience under the companionship and dedicated guidance of the medical staff. When she entered the hospital door, she was warmly welcomed and had her eyes examined (tests, ultrasound, axis marking,...) before surgery to ensure the surgery was safe and effective. most effective. The preparation steps for surgery were assessed by Dieu Linh as very thorough and professional. Each patient will have their own chair to rest, snacks and patient uniform.

Thanks to a thorough medical examination and treatment process according to Japanese medical standards, Dieu Linh's Phakic surgery went smoothly and smoothly. Accordingly, the patient will have antiseptic and numbing drops on the eye surface to minimize pain during surgery. After getting on the surgery table, the patient's eyes will be fixed with medical tools to avoid blinking and the surgery will be performed.

Doctors and surgical assistants in the operating room at Japan International Eye Hospital

One experience that Dieu Linh remembers most is that she saw the entire process of the doctor's operations on her eyes, but did not feel any pain. During Phakic surgery, the step of inserting the intraocular lens into the eye often causes a slight scratchy feeling. Luckily, with the doctor's high skills, this process happened quickly, bringing comfort and peace of mind to Dieu Linh.

Positive changes after owning free eyes

After 3 years of performing Phakic surgery at Japan International Eye Hospital and using electronic devices every day to work, Dieu Linh's vision still remains at a stable level (right eye 9/10, left eye 10/10). She is very satisfied with the complete experience that bright eyes bring, and actively recommends her relatives to come to Japan International Eye Hospital for eye examination and surgery.

Dieu Linh after Phakic surgery

“For the amount of money spent, my pre-, during- and post-surgery experience is nothing to criticize! What makes me happiest is being able to remove my glasses, eliminating all the common inconveniences in everyday life after many years." - Dieu Linh shared.

100% invested and managed by Paris Miki Holdings Group, Japan International Eye Hospital is an ophthalmology hospital providing near-sighted surgery services according to Japanese medical standards with 7 steps of in-depth pre-operative examination, 14 steps. Careful surgical steps ensure the best visual quality for the patient.

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