After nearly 2 years of living and working in Vietnam, Mr. Hatase Seichi - a Japanese employee at Japan International Eye Hospital - has gradually become familiar with the land and people here. Bringing to Vietnam experience in Japanese standard medical services, Mr. Hatase has been contributing significantly to improving service quality at the hospital.

Mr. Hatase is currently living in Vietnam and working at Japan International Eye Hospital

Choose to live and work in Vietnam

Coming to Vietnam as assigned by the group, for the first time living in another country, despite many surprises, Mr. Hatase was surprised to work with colleagues at the Japan International Eye Hospital.

“Whether they are colleagues or strangers, they welcome me, smile and help me a lot. This is a safe country, creating opportunities for me to develop and contribute my best.” - Mr. Hatase shared about his decision to choose Vietnam.

Mr. Hatase shares about his journey of living and working in Vietnam

Make an effort to change and develop 

Taking on the position of welcoming and taking care of Japanese customers, Mr. Hatase's day-to-day work begins with checking the list of patients who have scheduled medical appointments for the day, discussing with colleagues about their eye condition to save information during the examination.

“Every day, the hospital welcomes many domestic and foreign patients. Besides accompanying and taking care of patients, my colleagues and I also regularly observe and discuss with each other how to improve services, giving them Japanese-standard examination and treatment experiences." - Mr. Hatase shares about his working process at Japan International Eye Hospital.

At Japan International Eye Hospital, each medical staff believes in putting the patient's interests first, which is reflected in comprehensive care services, transparent consultation, and companionship in each step. examination and treatment steps. The hospital also especially emphasizes strict procedures according to Japanese medical standards to minimize errors, in order to bring the best visual quality to patients.

Mr. Hatase is in charge of welcoming and taking care of Japanese patients

When moving to a new environment, there will be inevitable barriers such as differences in language, lifestyle, and working style. But it was those barriers that made Mr. Hatase realize the importance of practicing adaptive skills, constantly learning, and facing challenges.

“I realized that Vietnamese people always live their lives to the fullest, trying tirelessly in work and personal life such as mental and physical health. Currently, Vietnam is developing at a very fast pace, I think it is the result of the day and night efforts of the Vietnamese people. Living and working in such an environment makes me more motivated to learn and change more positively. At the age of 46, I am learning new skills to apply to work such as learning English to easily exchange information with colleagues." - Mr. Hatase shares about his own changes when coming to Vietnam.

Journey to bring Japanese standard medical services to Vietnam

The special thing about Japanese medical services is the "omotenashi" culture. According to Mr. Hatase, "omotenashi" culture is to always put yourself in the patient's position to turn their insecurity into peace of mind. This culture has existed for a long time in Japan, contributing to creating comprehensive services, bringing satisfaction to customers in all fields such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing.

At Japan International Eye Hospital, medical staff always listen to customers' wishes, honestly face all problems, and support patients with enthusiasm to increasingly improve the service experience. medical care according to “omotenashi” culture.

Japan International Eye Hospital is the only ophthalmology unit that applies the "omotenashi" culture in Vietnam

“This job means a lot to me because it gives me the opportunity to interact with many patients of different ages and conditions. When I take care of them, see their health improve and receive words of thanks, I feel extremely happy.” - Mr. Hatase shared about his passion for his current job.

Currently, Mr. Hatase continues to contribute the values of high-class medical services that he experienced in Japan to Vietnam. Stemming from his love for the "S-shaped land", he hopes that Vietnamese people will have the opportunity to access high-quality health care services and have healthy eyes to freely enjoy life. live to the fullest.